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1.Select kitchen/dining from the dropdown list, then choose "bagels" from the listed items. Suppliers who provide bagels will appear automatically below.

2.Select "sysco" from the Supplier table. The pricelist of Sysco will appear automatically below.

3.View the product list and Select "sysco" from the Supplier dropdownlist; then enter the product name in the Product column such as "Apple"; enter "5 kilos" in the Quantity column. Then click the "add to cart" button to view the shopping cart below.

4.Click "Check out" button to check out. User can "Delete" the item or "Edit" the item in the table. The shopping cart at the top will also display the number of items in the shopping cart. The user can validate their address and then place the order.

Member instructions here.
Supplier Instruction Here.
Shopping cart instructions here.